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Black lives matter.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”  

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In response to the Revolution taking place in America as a result of over 400 years of systemic racism, ArtProfiler is starting a column to discuss these issues, support Black businesses, share resources and amplify the voices of our Black community members. 

We are excited to announce the launch of No Justice, No Peace. We are also outraged and saddened that our times dictate that we must launch this column at all. The systemic racism and implicit bias we have all carried and supported, both consciously and subconsciously, can no longer be ignored or swept under the rug. The veil has finally been lifted. 

First, A Note to Our Black Community Members

We see you. We hear you. We have done wrong by you. We recognize that our community has not been as inclusive or as welcoming as it should be. For that, we are deeply sorry. We ask not for forgiveness, but for the opportunity to learn, grow, and change for the better. We are committed to the cause and will do all that we can with our platform to amplify your voices, support your community, and fight to dismantle the racism that has held you back for so many generations. 

No Justice, No Peace

With this column, we intend to share stories of the current protest movement and Revolution, to examine lesser known aspects of Black history and the history of race in America, to provide a repository of resources, and to share events happening around Austin, TX. We will publish No Justice, No Peace on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with events for the weekend being published on Fridays. 

Our Promise, Our Commitment, Our Values

  1. We promise to work to be inclusive across the breadth and depth of this site and our platform.
  2. We promise to fight for justice and to amplify the lessons and history of Black America.
  3. We promise to listen, to learn, to Unlearn, and to improve.
  4. We commit to doing the work of being allies.
  5. We commit to supporting Black causes, artists, voices, and businesses.
  6. We commit to sharing truthful, honest information with the aim of supporting both the Black community and the work of anti-racism.
  7. We value open, honest, and courageous dialogue.
  8. We value creative expression in its myriad forms.
  9. We value Black lives.

We Ask that Our Community Do the Following Things

Be Actively Anti-Racist

Just as we strive to do the work of anti-racism, we ask that each member of our community take a long, hard look within yourselves to assess where you can improve. Undoing generations of systemic injustice will take time and effort on each of our parts. We ask you to educate yourself, to engage with the resources we provide and to seek out other resources we miss. We ask you to actively join us in this fight. 

Engage with Us

This is a conversation. This is not a one way street. Dismantling the scourge of racism will require community, communication and social effort. We ask that you connect with us, ask us questions, ask more of us, and make suggestions for how we can be and do better.

Hold Us Accountable

We will make mistakes. Call us out. We want to learn. We want to Unlearn. We want to do the work to dismantle this terrible, unjust system one person at a time.

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