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Trump’s Power Grab is Almost Complete

Charles Krause 4 months ago



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With a MAGA zealot now installed as acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI), the odds of the November election being free, fair and credible have diminished considerably.

Trump says the latest U.S. intelligence finding, that the Russians have begun another cyber campaign to help re-elect him, is “disinformation” circulated by the Democrats.

Nonetheless, he says he wouldn’t discount the same Intelligence report’s finding that the Russians are also trying to help Bernie Sanders.

What this means is Our Leader and Theirs are working together again and the results of the November election will be challenged, no matter which candidate “wins.”


Truth by Chawky Frenn

Replacing the former acting DNI, Joseph Maguire, with Richard Grennell, a rising star in the Trump demimonde and former Washington flak whose client list included a number of unsavory foreign governments and shady characters from places like Nigeria and Moldova, gives Trump at least two important advantages:

Since Maguire was summarily fired because he allowed his deputy to brief the House Intelligence Committee on the renewed Russian cyber activity, it’s unlikely Grennell or his acting successor will be briefing again anytime soon.

Without DNI briefings, Trump’s opponent, whoever he or she is, won’t be able to assess the impact of Russia’s social media meddling or raise it as a campaign issue.

Having a Trump true-believer at the top of the intelligence community also means the U.S. government will continue doing nothing to stop what Trump doesn’t believe the Russians are doing, which will give Putin’s cyber-warfare specialists carte blanche to create as much havoc as they wish.

According to experts interviewed this week by The Washington Post, the 2020 election, which many Americans see as the last chance to save our system of representative democracy, is likely to be compromised.

Bruce Schneier is a fellow and lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. “Every part of the voting process is vulnerable,” he told The Post. “This includes the voter registration process, the voting itself, the vote tabulation, and the results-reporting system.”

Dave Aitel is a former NSA computer scientist and cyber security expert. “There are no signs that any part of our institutions are capable of providing an election that is reasonably secure from tampering and manipulation,” he said.


Election Observer by Jim Boden (collage and watercolor on paper) 2019

That must be how Trump wants it. There will be nothing to stop Rudy’s Ukrainians or Vlad’s Russians from manipulating the voting machines at the precinct level or fooling with the servers at the state and national level where the vote count is aggregated, as Marcos tried to do in the Philippines and as the CIA used to do in Central America.

Maguire’s dismissal and the purge, now underway, of Republican political appointees deemed insufficiently loyal to Our Leader, suggest Trump has no intention of leaving the White House without a fight next January.

If one were cynical, one might suppose the loyalty test is designed to weed out apparatchiks suspected of harboring rule-of-law sentiments sufficient to blow the whistle on the improper use of government programs or assets, to help the president get re-elected.

Our Leader has made it clear what he thinks of “rats,” the word he uses to describe anyone involved in a criminal conspiracy who “turns” to save themselves.

If he does win, by hook or by crook, he’ll claim victory—without having to worry, too much, about insiders exposing how he got re-elected.

If, despite everything, he loses, he’ll claim the election was rigged, creating the kind of chaos that may make it impossible to save the system that’s served us so well for well over two centuries.

What we can be sure of is Donald Trump won’t be a gracious loser and Vladimir Putin will be the real winner.

Ever since the Soviet Union collapsed and the West won the Cold War in 1991, he’s been waiting to take revenge for what he once called “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th Century.”

With Donald Trump’s help, it looks like this year will present the opportunity he’s been waiting for.

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